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Posted on Feb 20th, 2024 Comments (0)
February 2024
Message From the President:
Greetings to All!
As our neighborhood begins 2024, your HOA Board is looking forward to meeting you on March 7th in the Toll Gate Elementary School Cafeteria at 6:30pm. For many of us in Violet Meadows we have yet to connect a name to a face. Therefore, I am hoping you will make the extra effort to come and introduce yourself so that our neighborly relationship will grow.
At this meeting your HOA Board will give you an update of what we have been doing since our election in August of 2023. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for you to help us update our records and strengthen our lines of communication. The items of interest at the meeting will include:
-    This Spring’s Landscaping Plans and opportunities for volunteers.
-    The Architectural Review Committee updates.
-    Compliance and Deed Restriction Reminders.
-    Technology and Website Updates.
Finally, it takes more than just the elected board to make a successful team and achieve the high standards of our neighborhood. Each neighbor possesses a skill set that can assist the HOA Board in achieving its goals. Please let us know of your availability by sending an email through
I look forward to meeting you in person on March 7, at 6:30pm in the Toll Gate Elementary School Cafeteria.
Robert L. Wilson
Welcome to Violet Meadows 2023
James and Kimberly Martindale:  7225 Zapata Place
Justin Brown and Katherine Snyder: 13798 Violet Meadows Blvd.
Gissime Halaoui: 13679 Violet Meadows Blvd. Tracy and Sherry Beckman: 6731 Optimara Dr.
Deo Narayan Dulal and Jamuna Kadariya: 13867 Bianca Dr.
Charles Conkey: 6707 Optimara Dr.
Mukayi Mutsago and Ruvimbo Masara: 7549 Optimara Dr.
Jacob and Giannina Napper: 7333 Optimara Dr.
Please be sure to register on our password protected website at:, where the VM Deed Restrictions and other important documents can be found, and where we post news and upcoming events as well.